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About the company
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About the company

“Stalex” is a company specialized in the wholesale delivery of metalrolling.

Nowadays the company realizes wholesale and small wholesale trade of metalrolling. It is a high-quality production of the Ukrainian and Russian producing factories of the widest assortment. Goods transportation could be carried out by the railway, motor and sea transport.

The company has the possibility to take the production on the specialized storehouses with the railway spur-tracks and lifting-transporting equipment in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The company is interesting for its Flexible price policy—discount system allows to solve partners’ problems effectively.

The company’s stability allows guaranteeing our partners the discharge of all accepted engagements of the pipes and rolling of any sizes and assortment deliveries. The long-term partnership with the biggest organizations is the reliable confirmation of our competence and reliability.

Since 2002 the company using renewed trademark “Stalex” offers the services in the field of logistics.

10-years company’s experience in organizing big transfers through Ukraine, CIS and Europe allows dispatching our production in the most economic way.

The specialists of “Stalex” give the goods-owners and the transport companies the wide variety of services. They are: the search of the business partners, the selection of the transport proper for the goods’ features, the selection of the most comfortable transport tracks. Furthermore, the precise official registration of the custom documents is guaranteed and the urgent information of the optimal logistics possibilities is given.

The financial and production potential of “Stalex” allows investing extra-means into the logistics organization.

“Stalex” has a possibility to provide storage of the industrial-technical production and different building materials on the consignational stores, and also to provide the store-trade of such production.

The Belgian company Unilin Flooring’s disglued laminate-floors Quick-Step are the basis of the building materials product nomenclature. More then 10 collections are presented in the specialized wholesale and retail salon of floors in Dnepropetrovsk. The realization in Kiev, Charkov, Mariupol, Donetsk are provide through the distribution network. Nowadays the company expands the assortment of the realized building materials by the successful partnership with companies ALLOC (laminate-floors from Norway), CLASSEN (laminate-floors from Germany) and BERRY FLOOR (laminate-floors from Belgian).

The collective of the first-class specialists creates “Stalex” success and stability. Their professionality allows an effective solving of the problems in the different fields and of the different complexity. And the company’s common informational service permits each employee to be competent in any production matter.

“Stalex” officials have accepted and impeccably follow the main term of reciprocity in business—the respect of the partner.

Purposefulness and competency of the “Stalex” collective ensure annual increase of the working actives, allows to accelerate the volumes of production deliveries and the assortment of the products, to widen the business contacts, to deepen the formed industrial and commercial connections.

The History

The company was founded in the September 1992.

Since 1993 the main direction in the enterprise operations are the export deliveries of the different rolling types, mainly the steel pipes, and also the sort rolling.

Company’s activity is provided by the adjusted commercial and industrial connections with the metallurgical and pipe organizations of Ukraine, Russia, and Kazahstan. In the number of the production customers are the different organizations: gaz- and oil-extractive, energetic and building companies of Russia, machine-building plants of Belarus, big building objects of Kazahstan and Middle Asia.

Today’s common volume of the complex and specialized deliveries of metalrolling and pipes is more than 20 thousand tons a year.

Since 1994 the company realizes complex deliveries of the metalrolling and pipes to the biggest oil deposits and energetic objects of the Middle Asian region.

Since 1995 together with Novomoskovsk pipes plant under participation of Cherepovetsk metallurgical group of enterprises “Severstal” and Caragandian metallurgical group of enterprises the steel pipes for the main gaz- and oil-pipe-lines after the JSC “GAZPROM” orders were produced.

Since 1997 the company realizes complex deliveries of pipes and metalrolling to the biggest oil deposits of Russia, Kazahstan and Uzbekistan. Among the company’s partners there are the leaders of the oil business “Yukos”, “KaztransOil”, “Uzvneshneftegaz”, “Komineft”, “Permneft”, “LUKOIL”, “GAZPROM”. In this period the active wholesale trade of metalrolling on the inland market recommences.

In 1998 the collective of the company started the deliveries of the pipe-production to the perspective markets of Eastern Europe and Middle East.

Since the June 2002 company uses the renewed trademark “Stalex”.


The potential business partners of “Stalex” might be interested in our perspective business-plan.

The company plans:

in the field of metalrolling trade:

  • to widen the assortment of the store production;
  • to import the specific types of metalrolling and pipes;
  • to increase export of the Ukrainian pipes to the countries of CIS and Europe;
  • to strengthen the business connections in the regions of Ukraine;
  • to provide the address deliveries of the export to the oil-gas-extracting companies in Russia, Kazahstan, East and Central Asia;
  • to make the operations on metalrolling and pipes trade of common use in Baltic more active;

in the field of logistics:

  • to direct the work of the dispatching call-center to the Ukrainian market, and to a large degree the countries of CIS and Europe;
  • to organize the functional expeditionary bureau in Europe;
  • to widen the possibilities of the company's motor-park by the way of renewing of the transport and realization of the complex tasks of the goods delivery;
  • to organize and dispatch sea logistics;
  • treatment and expedition of the cargo;

in the field of building materials trade:

  • to increase the assortment of the building materials;
  • to create a system of consignational stores of the complex providing with the building materials in the regions of Ukraine.

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